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Creator: Schroers, Heinrich
Publisher: Dümmler
Publicationplace: Berlin [u.a.]
Creator: Ludwig, Theodor
Publisher: Trübner
Publicationplace: Strassburg
Creator: Beyerle, Konrad
Publisher: Winter
Publicationplace: Heidelberg
Creator: Beyerle, Konrad
Publisher: Verl.d. Muenchner Drucke
Publicationplace: München
Number of volumes: 2
Creator: Videnz, Paul
Publisher: Uhland
Publicationplace: Stuttgart
Creator: Stocker, Franz A.
Publisher: Zimmermann
Publicationplace: Waldshut
Creator: Hofmann, Albert
Publisher: Dt. Verl. Anst.
Publicationplace: Stuttgart [u.a.]
Creator: Eyth, Rudolph
Publisher: Herder
Publicationplace: Rotweil
Creator: Tasteven, Genrich
Publisher: Iris.
Publicationplace: Moskva
Creator: Lotichius Secundus, Petrus
Publisher: Diesterweg
Publicationplace: Frankfurt a. M.
Creator: Schellhass, Karl
Publisher: Braun
Publicationplace: Karlsruhe
Creator: Janner, Ferdinand
Publisher: Pustet
Publicationplace: Regensburg [u.a.]
Number of volumes: 3
Creator: Martens, Wilhelm
Publisher: Gess
Publicationplace: Konstanz
Creator: Wolfart, Karl
Publisher: Stettner
Publicationplace: Lindau
Number of volumes: 3
Creator: Waenker von Dankenschweil, Arthur
Publisher: Mittler
Publicationplace: Berlin
Creator: Kolb, Christian
Publisher: Kohlhammer
Publicationplace: Stuttgart
Number of volumes: 1
Publisher: Teubner
Publicationplace: Leipzig
Creator: Beyerle, Konrad
Publisher: Winter
Publicationplace: Heidelberg
Number of volumes: 1
Creator: Hansjakob, Heinrich
Publisher: Kirchheim
Publicationplace: Mainz